Target Description

Learn more about specific features and configurations of the target description.

The How to Deploy Services section covers the steps for deploying services to your cluster with Deployer and managing your deployment. This section provides additional details about the target description file used with Deployer.

Target Description File

The target description file is a crucial component of the Deployer tool, containing the configuration parameters required to deploy your system-under-test efficiently. This file should be placed under the targets folder at the root of your microservice repository. You can name it with a .yaml extension, such as my-deployment.yaml. With this file, you can define and control how your services are deployed and configured within your Kubernetes cluster.

Specifying the Namespace and Containers

A target description file must include a namespace parameter representing the Kubernetes namespace for the cluster. Additionally, it should have a containers section that defines the specific deployment settings. All the parameters described in this document are specified under the containers section.


namespace: helm-namespace
  - type: helm
    releaseName: my-release
    path: charts/test1

Defining Helm Values

You can provide a path to the values.yaml file for your Helm chart using valuesPath. Additional values to override or extend the configuration from the values.yaml file can be added to the values section. Both valuesPath and values should be placed under containers.


    valuesPath: files/values.yaml
        enabled: true
          port: 10000
        port: 5000
        type: ClusterIP

Including and Excluding Services

You have the option to explicitly include or exclude specific services in the deployment by specifying them in the includes or excludes section under containers.


  - Deployment/my-service
  - Service/my-service
  - Job/* # include all jobs
  - server/* # include subchart server with all subresources
  - /* # include all resources in root chart
  - Deployment/excluded-service