Learn about the key concepts to be successful with Skyramp

What is Skyramp?

Skyramp is a super flexible way to do distributed testing of modular apps. It’s a toolkit for making sure your microservices work well together and don’t break in production.

Who can make the most of Skyramp?

If you’re a developer or an automation engineer drowning in microservices that need to play nicely together, Skyramp is for you, both when you’re hands-on-keyboard and when you’re running automated tests.

Why should I care about Skyramp?

Think about it this way: with distributed applications you can’t just rely on unit tests and end-to-end tests anymore. The combinatorial complexity is just too high. Distributed integration and performance testing of key parts of your application is the way forward. But how do you bring up just a part of your application? How can you isolate the microservices that you want to test? How do you easily trigger tests and get meaningful results that are easy to parse? Skyramp’s TestKit offers easy answers to these questions.

Where can I use Skyramp?

The Skyramp clients meet you in your workflow whether you use the terminal, VSCode, or another IDE. Similarly, the Skyramp libraries can be used to create distributed tests that augment your current test suite. Right now, the only requirements are Docker (for the container runtime) and Kubernetes (for orchestration).

When should I use Skyramp?

Use Skyramp for functional integration and performance testing in these situations:

  • Inner Dev Loop - That’s when you’re building and fixing your microservices. Skyramp can help you test things as you go, so you catch problems early.
  • Pipeline - When your code’s ready to push, Skyramp can jump into your automated testing pipeline and make sure everything still works like a charm.

How does Skyramp make testing easier?

Skyramp provides a TestKit with helpful tools inside:

  • Deployer - When you want to get your system under test up and running, Deployer helps you bring up just the services you care about and speeds up iteration through features like hot code reload.
  • Mocker - Think of it as a master of disguise for your services. It pretends to be other services so you can easily isolate services for testing.
  • Tester - Tester runs your tests and neatly organizes the results while making it easy to reach hard-to-get-to endpoints in your cluster.

So, are you ready to put Skyramp to the test? Check out the Use Cases page for ideas! You can also jump right in and Install the Client.

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