Display response values of applied mocks by method or ID

skyramp mocker status response

skyramp mocker status response [flags]


  -a, --address string     ip:port of Skyramp worker
  -c, --cluster string     cluster context for Skyramp
  -e, --endpoint string    endpoint name to filter on
  -i, --id string          ID from mocker status table to query response value
  -m, --method string      method name to query response value
  -n, --namespace string   Kubernetes namespace where Skyramp worker resides

Options inherited from parent commands

      --kube-insecure         enable insecure mode for interactions with Kubernetes clusters
  -p, --project-path string   path to Skyramp project folder (default ".")
  -v, --verbose count         verbose (-v or -vv)


  • status - Show applied mocks on the running worker container