Use Cases

Learn about the primary use cases for Skyramp

Skyramp makes it easy to do distributed testing of your modular apps under real-world conditions. The components of the Skyramp TestKit addresses the different challenges of going beyond basic unit testing. Let’s look at some of the use cases where Skyramp can help:


Deploy Only What You Need

Bringing up the whole application for testing when you’ve only touched a couple of services loses time. Deployer makes it super easy to deploy only what you need to test.

Hot Code Reload

Deployer makes it easy to iteratively develop or debug your code through our hot code reload feature, saving valuable time compared to tools like Skaffold or Kapp.


Outside Help Not Required

External dependencies like Salesforce, Hubspot, Slack etc. are an important part of most modern applications. But it can be cost prohibitive or even impossible to run tests involving these integrations. Mocker can mimic these external services to deliver better test coverage.

Inside Help Not Required

There can also be internal dependencies that you need to mock to isolate the services you wish to test. This could be to speed up development iteration, or because although the API contract has been defined, the internal dependency is still under development.

Testing Offline

Sometimes, you might want to test without being online. Mocker can help you do that. You can check if your app behaves well even when it can’t connect to the internet or other outside services.

Testing Fast

Using Skyramp to pretend that things are in place can make your testing faster. It’s quicker because you don’t have to set up all the complicated external apps each time you test.


No Proxy, No Gateway, No Problem

When deploying to a cluster, it can be tricky to reach endpoints in the cluster. Tester automates everything you need to not worry about that anymore.

Testing Lots of Traffic

Skyramp can help you check how much traffic your app can handle, so you’ll know your app won’t break under normal demand, and you’ll also know how much it can take during surges.

Share Tests and Results

Unlike tests that are written and trashed again and again, Skyramp tests are easy to share, understand, re-use and modify by everyone. This ensures that tests are battle-tested, and makes testing with Skyramp easier for everyone. Also, through our dashboard we make it easy to share test results with your team for collaborative problem solving.