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What every developer wants
in a testing system.

What every developer wants in a testing system.

Write my tests for me automatically. Don't make me set anything up. Just look at my code and figure out a test.

Skyramp can handle it. All you do is fire off a few lines of code and we build a complete testing system for you.

Update my tests whenever I update my code. My code changes daily, sometimes many times a day, so should my tests.

Skyramp adjusts to match your code. Your testing system is now as easy to adjust as your actual code (actually, maybe easier).

Show me exactly where there's a problem. When a test fails, I need to see exactly what went wrong, and where it happened.

Skyramp shows you exactly what's wrong, how to track it down, and what to do next.

No surprises in production. I need a testing system that actually tests what will happen in prod.

Skyramp tests are real tests. We mock all external and internal dependencies. Every endpoint. Every microservice. Every load condition. Every place your code could break.

"Skyramp saved us hundreds of hours by simplifying creating and running FlexRAN tests."

Pere Monclus
CTO (NEX), Intel

Skyramp Deployer

Render and deploy Helm charts through simple target descriptions.

  1. Only stand up the part of your code you need.
  2. Fix it on the fly with Hot Code Reload.
  3. Easily iterate with no new set-up.
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Skyramp Mocker

Replace service dependencies with lightweight static and dynamic mocks.

  1. Easily mock all external and internal dependencies.
  2. Test for offline performance.
  3. Iterate without having to start from scratch.
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Skyramp Tester

Write and run functional and load tests using a simple declarative description.

  1. Easily reach any (and all) endpoints in the cluster.
  2. Check what traffic your app can handle.
  3. Accelerate collaborative team debugging with shared tests.
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"Our old way of testing couldn't handle the complexity of critical external dependencies. Skyramp changed all of that."

Michael Hintz
Head of Test Automation, Paradigm

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