The Easy Way to Test
Distributed Applications

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What every developer wants
in a testing system.

What every developer wants in a testing system.

Takes care of all the busy work

Automates every aspect of test setup and networking so you can focus on the important parts of your tests.

Works seamlessly with existing workflows

Includes all the testing tools needed so you don't have to find and integrate different tools in new workflows.

Generates reliable tests easily

Makes it easy to test any part of the application, and tracks coverage to find critical tests you might otherwise miss.

"Skyramp saved us hundreds of hours by simplifying creating and running FlexRAN tests."

Pere Monclus, CTO (NEX)

Skyramp Deployer

Selective Deployment Tool

Deploy & update services under test
Iterate quickly & track coverage

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Skyramp Mocker

Easy-to-set-up Mock Server

Supply static & dynamic mocks
Control dependencies

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Skyramp Tester

Easy-to-set-up Test Client

Trigger functional & load tests
Test any part of the system

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"Our old way of testing couldn't handle the complexity of critical external dependencies. Skyramp changed all of that."

Michael Hintz, Engineering

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